Afuture: Our way to the future

Afuture represents an opportunity for growth for the entire Autogrill Group; it is synonym of sustainability, innovation and future.

Autogrill drafted its first Sustainability Report in 2005, when the issue of sustainability was first dealt with at the Group level, becoming part of the Group’s path of growth. The concept of Afuture was first conceived in 2007 and refers to a project within which different  dissemination and development activities pertinent to sustainability are included, focusing on environmental issues differentiated according to the various business areas. Today, Afuture represents an international philosophy that drives the Group towards innovation, with the objective of increasing its competitive edge through a proactive commitment to the development of best practice sustainability in all the sectors in which the Group operates. Afuture is also a research laboratory, ensuring the Group’s responsible growth on the economic, social and environmental level, promoting both national and international initiatives to address employees’ involvement and motivation.