The beginning of a new journey

The Group’s key internal communication tool is Intranet Aconnect portal, a fundamental leverage of communication, information sharing and collaboration. Aconnect provides an essential link in the process of integration of the activity sectors, reducing the distance between countries, businesses, functions, Headquarters and Network, and supporting collaboration between people, feeding the Group identity, disseminating values and expected behaviors, though in compliance with local specificities.

In this light, at the end of September 2010 the “Afuture” section was launched on the portal dedicated to sustainability issues, with the objective of promoting a culture and a methodology within the organization that aims at operating in full compliance with people and the environment.

One month later the “Go Green: our journey towards sustainability!” weekly column was launched to provide information on issues like paper, water and energy and advice that any employee may put in practice every day, at work and at home. The objective of this column is to stimulate employees to ask themselves questions about the impact that everybody’s lifestyle and consumption habits has on the environment and on society as a whole, and to
consequently promote a lifestyle whose individual actions are sustainable.