A sustainable answer

When Afuture faces the bottlenecks of a global, fragmented and flexible context, the power of approximately 62,500 employees makes sustainability a concrete and feasible answer.

To Autogrill, sustainability is no abstract concept, as shown by its ongoing commitment to issues pertaining to sustainability, as well as the numerous targets reached by the Afuture project from 2007 to date.

It would not have been possible to attain such results without Autogrill’s people, who are the engine that drives the Group’s existence and continuous growth. Thanks to their passion, dedication to improvement and readiness to exchange opinions, Autogrill found the right way to face and overcome the bottlenecks of the present. Afuture’s answers to criticalities, already highlighted in the macrotrends previously identified, focus on three key issues, which identify the Group’s action areas for the upcoming years.

  • Afuture for the people: to obtain the highest satisfaction level. Attention to relations with people, whether they are employees or consumers, is one of the key strategic objectives for Afuture.
  • Afuture for Products and Services: to offer quality products and services to re-generate consumers. The effective management of relations with business partners is essential to sharing the necessary knowhow for the provision of goods and services.
  • Afuture for the environment: to protect future generations from environmental deterioration. A responsible relation with the environment in terms of managing energy, water and waste guarantees an eco-sustainable economic development shared with the partners.


Autogrill is periodically subject to a series of evaluation procedures performed by international sustainability rating agencies (EIRIS, Vigeò, Accountability Rating 2010 Italia, RiskMetrixs, Carbon Disclosure Project 2010 Italia).

Due to low market capitalization, which is calculated by multiplying the number of shares issued by their unit price, some sustainability rating agencies do not take the Group into account, excluding it from the annual valuation, and this is the reason why Autogrill stock is not included in the baskets of the major international ethical indexes. Ethical indexes are frequently used as reference for investments by the ethical funds that invest in companies whose objective, in addition to optimizing market value, also includes protection of environmental, social and human capital.