The most significant sustainable facts

The 2010 Sustainability Report is a journey through the different experiences promoted with regard to social, environmental and economic sustainability. A journey that specifically analyses three main areas that reflect Autogrill Group action plan in the upcoming years:

  • the first area is dedicated to People and highlights relations with employees and consumers;
  • the second area refers to Products & Services and underlines the effective management of relations with the commercial partners, a key aspect for sharing the necessary know-how and offering quality products and services aimed at providing consumers with a higher level of well-being;
  • the third is correlated to the environment (Planet) anddeals with the Group’s commitment to protecting the environment for the benefit of future generations.



The Group's key figures


The Autogrill Group is an organization of people: it is composed of employees who render services in different sectors for a wide array of consumers. These two groups of people meet and establish contacts within their shared travelling experience.
Towards its employees, the Autogrill Group is committed to granting dignity, protection and respect of the rights of each single individual; ensuring a healthy and safe workplace environment, devoid of any type of discrimination. The Group has obtained the SA 8000 certification (a global social accountability standard envisaging requisites for ethically correct behavior for enterprises and the manufacturing supply chain to adopt vis-à-vis employees) for Autogrill Italia and OHSAS18001 certification (an international standard specifying the requisites for occupational health and safety management) for World Duty Free. And that’s not all: it is also committed to proper management of internal relations through precise role and responsibility definition, favoring a decision-making process that works in the interest of the enterprise and its stakeholders by applying differentiated strategies to meet career opportunity demands and balance between a employee’s professional and private life. In 2010, approximately € 7m were invested in training and 24% of internships launched in Italy in 2009 turned into a fixedterm employment contract in the subsequent year.

The Autogrill Group is also committed to consumers, ensuring compliance with specific quality standards in all processes inherent to the distribution of products and services, disseminating in-depth knowledge about nutritional and health-related aspects of foods, supporting the agro-food chain and the different product categories in full compliance with ethnic and multi-cultural traditions and, last but not least, meeting consumer needs with natural and nourishing, tasty and healthy food products. Meanwhile, for consumers who stop at Travel Retail points of sale, the Autogrill Group is committed to delivering the highest standards in the product offering, by increasing the attractiveness of the locations and of the commercial offer thanks to an innovative spirit, including new products and concepts with the objective of creating value for the brand owner and consumers.

Products & Services

Keeping pace with the requests of increasingly demanding consumers and supporting the Group’s global presence is a challenge that Autogrill cannot face alone. In order to reach the objectives set and offer an increasingly broad and differentiated commercial offer, the Group has always tried to establish strong relations with its suppliers, brand partners and brand owners in the name of a difficult yet shared venture. Protecting consumer interests and paying close attention to products and services is a commitment that the Group concretizes in its everyday routine contacts with suppliers, constantly seeking improved efficiency, information sharing and product quality in the points of sale. Today, the Autogrill food product offering is broad indeed, trying to meet specific needs of special consumer groups, including people allergic to gluten, vegetarians, Muslims and consumers who pay attention to the origin of products from fair trade circuits. Thanks to steady collaboration with its partners, the Group succeeds in differentiating its business and putting into practice its determination to interpret and understand modern consumption trends.


In the countries in which the Group operates, ongoing programs are organized to increase awareness about assuming eco-sustainable behavior. Actions include the distribution of newsletters, ad hoc communication campaigns and environmental surveys, as well as launching the “Afuture” section in the Company’s portal. The objective is the promotion of a culture that fosters respect of individuals and the environment through simple daily actions.

To develop sustainable points of sale, it is necessary to conduct ongoing studies and surveys in order to identify the correct structures (lighting, ventilation, water system, furniture, equipment and interior design components) with the ongoing support and collaboration of authorities, suppliers, commercial partners and specialized designers.
Different factors are involved in the development of a new point of sale or in the refurbishment of an existing one.
First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the store integration in the ecosystem, which is defined through an analysis of the different steps of the life cycle of the building, its materials, plants and systems, keeping in mind all the different possible locations, such as airports, highways, railway stations and the malls where the Group operates on the basis of a concession agreement. The initial design steps are the most important, because they are crucial for gauging the impact of the activities on the environment. Such activities do not only include the construction, but also the management, maintenance and divestment of any building.

The Autogrill Group’s concrete commitment towards eco-sustainability is confirmed by the following objectives reached:

  • The Delaware Welcome Center was inaugurated in ummer 2010. This is an infrastructure extending over a surface of approx. 4,000 sqm, built on a US highway, that was certified according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.
  • The “Destinazione Ambiente” Project, the result of the collaboration established with CONAI (Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi; Italian National Consortium for Packaging), Waste Italia and the Hera Group (Italy’s leading waste management operators) and ID&A for the development of differentiated waste collection equipment to be used on highways, was extended from 4 to 13 petrol stations on Italy’s main highways.
  • An increasing number of businesses, including World Duty Free and Aldeasa for Travel Retail and Autogrill France, HMSHost and now also Autogrill Italy for Food&Beverage have decided to use shoppers produced in recycled or biodegradable material.