People: The two key players of the Autogrill journey

Employees and consumers meet every day along the highway network and in airports all over the world. They have different roles, wishes and needs, but they are travellers on the same journey, together with Autogrill Group.

AutogrillAutogrill Group is first and foremost an organization of people: it is composed of employees who provide a service for a broad platform of consumers in the different sectors in which the Group operates. These two large communities of people meet and establish relations within their common travelling experience.

Towards its employees, Autogrill Group bears the responsibility of granting dignity, protection and compliance with the rights of each single individual; providing a healthy, safe working environment devoid of any type of discrimination. The organization is committed to properly managing internal relations through a precise definition of the roles, responsibilities and empowerment levels, by favoring decisions in the interest of the organization and its stakeholders and implementing differentiated strategies in order to respond to the requests of career development and a balance between  professional and private life.



Towards consumers, Autogrill Group is committed at the same level; it guarantees compliance with specific quality standards in all processes involved in the provision of products and services; it disseminates helpful information about nutrition and health aspects in relation to food, by supporting the agro-food production specialty and the different products in full compliance with the ethnic and multicultural traditions, and it responds to the needs of consumers, who want natural and nourishing, tasty and healthy products. At the same time, towards consumers travelling among the different stores of Travel Retail, Autogrill intends to continue to increase the attractiveness of its spaces and commercial offer thanks to an innovative and creative spirit that leads to value creation for both brands and consumers.

Autogrill Group’s commitment is global: towards employees, consumers and the communities to which it proposes a dialogue focused on participation, sharing in projects of mutual interest with information campaigns on specific topics, aimed at improving the quality of life and protecting the natural environment and tracing a virtuous cycle that we hope will have an important impact on the local social-economic context and on the environment.


Autogrill successes with employees and consumers

In 2010 Autogrill Group won the Airport Minority Advisory Council’s Corporate Partner Award. HMSHost was awarded the acknowledgement because it distinguished itself as an organization that consistently supports diversity and minorities within the airport business. This acknowledgement was obtained thanks also to the close collaboration with the non-profit organization Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC), with which HMSHost shared the mission of promoting full participation in the operating activities of female employees, disabled individuals and, in general, minorities in airport personnel.
Autogrill Italia received a special mention in the context of the Social Business Quality Award “Luisa Sassi”, conferred by the Province of Parma, because it demonstrated special interest and attention towards issues related to disability through the stipulation of a supplementary corporate agreement. In the agreement it is specified that “Autogrill has the objective of facilitating and favoring the introduction and professional integration of disabled and disadvantaged individuals within its organization” and “to adequately valuate people with disabilities according to their professional skills and introduce them in the most suitable position for them”. The special mention was the result of the introduction of quality and the use of apprenticeships as an initial tool for new entries to start working in the organization, eventually developing into a full time, unlimited time labor contract, identifying a suitable position not locally available and thus creating the most suitable conditions to leverage on the new entry’s autonomous potential. This is an initiative that demonstrates how Autogrill goes beyond its legal obligations in relation to employment of disabled individuals, by regularly including differently abled individuals in quality professional paths. In the context of the Food and Beverage (FAB) Conference & Awards 2011, held in Manchester from 23 to 25 of January, the first international meeting dedicated to the airport catering industry, organized by the business intelligence magazine – “The Moodie Report” –, Autogrill Group was awarded two prizes. The first, Best Wine–Led Bar Offer, was given to the Beaudevin Wine & Tapas concept, offered at the Brussels Airport, while the second, Best Design and Overall F&B facilities, was given to the Group as a whole for the variety, accessibility and innovation of the concepts proposed at the Dutch airport of Schiphol. An additional prize was awarded for the “Cafe Chocolat” concept, which won the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Innovation Award, for the innovative and exclusive concept that satisfies a consumer demand.