Creating value: from people to people

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Autogrill Group social responsibility is shared with both employees and, above all, consumers.

Il valore dei risultatiSince its outset, Autogrill Group has put the people at the core of its business. Autogrill is an organization formed by people, which provides services to other people in the interest of the same organization, its employees, partners and customers.
The value expressed in the Autogrill vision and mission reflects the Group’s sustainability, intended as a responsible stance towards issues of common interest: the environment, economic growth and society in general.

This is the perspective from which to interpret all the support initiatives that Autogrill implements and continues year after year. In 2010, a total of € 2,011,989 was donated, thanks to the direct support of Autogrill Group and its stakeholders (employees and consumers), up 31% against the amount collected in the previous year. This is indeed a Group success, just as it is a triumph for the people belonging to it, including the employees and consumers, who welcome the various fund raising and donation initiatives.

Every year, Autogrill participates in various support and assistance projects in several fields, proposed by local, national and international associations and foundations, confirming its awareness of the difficult situations in the world and providing its contribution to the identification of solutions and mitigations. There are several types of actions: cash donations made directly by Group companies to the selected associations and foundations, fundraising drives, which may be extended to consumers at the stores, among employees of the network and in the different offices, or donations of food products and/or material goods used in the management of the stores.

€ 2,011,989 were donated in 2010 by the Group and through the support of its employees and consumers

+31% against 2009


In 2010 the main action lines particularly focused on the neediest, the environment and community wellbeing.

Also in 2010, Autogrill Group dedicated various initiatives to charity. In particular,  donations to foundations confirm the Group’s commitment towards a steady focus on issues like energy and other criticalities for the future of everyone on the planet: humanitarian activities, assistance in emergencies, support to the children and the neediest.

Among these multiple initiatives, some particularly relevant experiences emerge both for the significance of the relevant economic engagement and the types of activity supported.
First and foremost the WDF initiative. Since 2006, WDF has been collaborating with The One Foundation for the distribution in its sales network – in addition to other brands – of the “One Water” bottles, the revenues of which go to financing the installation of special water pumping systems. The PlayPumps are water pumping systems that rely on children’s carousels to extract fresh and clean water from the soil and store it in tanks, to be distributed later to entire communities. In 2010, WDF donated € 174,256 in favor of The One Foundation. This is the amount collected from the sales of the “One Water” bottles in the last six months of the year.

At the end of 2010, on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, Autogrill Italia promoted the “Compra Veneto” (Buy Veneto) initiative, to support the victims of the floods in the Veneto region. The initiative involved over 450 stores on the highway, the marketing personnel and structures, and offered travellers the opportunity to buy up to 70 “Made in Veneto” products in those two days. The amount collected, equal to € 89,000, was entirely donated to the recovery of the areas hit by the flood.

Since 2001, Aldeasa has collaborated with the private non-profit Fundación Iberoamericana Down21. This year, the Spanish company donated € 42,071 to the aforementioned foundation. This association is responsible for the first project ever dedicated to people suffering from Down Syndrome, built around a network: canal down21. The initiative includes a synergetic collaboration between foundations, associations, schools, universities, hospitals and other national and international institutions directly or indirectly involved in disseminating knowledge about Down Syndrome or supporting research. Aldeasa’s contribution enabled this channel to grow beyond the boundaries of Spain, becoming a permanent point of reference for all Spanish-speaking countries.

The Group’s commitment towards the community is also linked to international celebrities of the music and entertainment world.
With a donation of € 14,968, HMSHost made the decision to support the Hagar Family Foundation of the US singer Sammy Hagar, who inaugurated a restaurant in his own name in 2010 – Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill – located at the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Part of the revenues from the restaurant will be donated to local associations committed to charity activities in favor of the community.

Aldeasa also focused its attention on the environment, specifically concentrating on the marine areas at risk. In this respect, the WWF is promoting the establishment and development of a representative and vital network of Protected Marine Areas by 2020. This network needs to be effectively managed and is expected to include at least 10% of the Spanish marine areas. The network includes 64 areas offshore and around the Balearic Islands, of which 15 are considered high priority. A group of marine scientists and biologists collaborated with the WWF on this project.
Last year, Aldeasa made the decision to donate the revenue derived from the sale of each biodegradable bag to WWF Spain. This year, the initiative collected € 18,000.

FUNDRAISING: € 933,483

When it is Autogrill Group that invites customers to participate in the universal battles against natural disasters, poverty and disease.

The aim of donations is to combine strengths to support the needy and it is thanks to the participation of customers and employees that Autogrill fundraising initiatives were able to collect approximately € 1m for people in difficulty.
Stakeholder response to the Group initiatives was key both in moments of emergencies, of which there was no shortage in 2010, and in situations that required ongoing support.
Among the most important projects supported in 2010 in favor of the victims of natural calamities is the contribution to the US Red Cross in favor of the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

At the beginning of 2010, again in the context of supporting efforts to provide assistance to the victims of the Haiti earthquake, HMSHost stores in airports, along the highways and in shopping malls organized a fundraising initiative that allowed to collect up to € 124,815 for the US Red Cross–Haiti Help Fund. This money was collected thanks to customer donations, who could drop their contributions in the specially designed boxes or add a few dollars to their total bill in HMSHost stores. Moreover, the company made a direct donation to UNICEF to participate in assistance provided to earthquake victims.

We should also mention, among others, the most significant multi-year partnerships that the Group companies have established with several international associations. In recent years, Autogrill France promoted the Menù Telethon project in favor of Telethon France. This is a fundraising project introduced in all the stores of the highway, railway and airport channel. A dedicated menu was developed and part of the revenues from its sale (€ 0.30 or € 0.50 based on the type of menu selected) was donated to the Association. This initiative collected a total of approximately € 45,959 in 2010.

For more than 20 years HMSHost has been supporting Children’s Miracle Network, an association which benefits millions of hospitalized children. This initiative also includes fund raising, through specifically designed boxes located in HMSHost Food&Beverage stores located in the US airports, providing travellers with the possibility of contributing, as well as through the annual sponsorship of the HMSHost Invitational Golf Classic  tournament, the revenues of which are also donated to the same Association.
In 2010, € 248,357 was collected.

Moreover, WDF employees select a cause every year, upon which to concentrate their efforts in terms of fundraising in the stores. This year, the Macmillan Cancer Support Association was selected, in consideration of the high impact that cancer is having on our society. Thanks to WDF employees’ generosity, € 85,120 was donated to the association for the development of targeted projects.


Autogrill Group supports the non-profit world through the donation of food products used in the usual management of the Food&Beverage stores, giving concrete and immediate help to numerous associations. In particular, these initiatives are focused on the poor and homeless and children, the most fragile and vulnerable segment of our society.

Autogrill Italia confirmed its ongoing commitment to the needy with donations of food products for a total value of more than € 299,000, mainly in favor of the Fondazione Banco Alimentare as well as other less renowned, yet no less effective groups scattered throughout the territory.

HMSHost is also very close to the associations committed to collecting and distributing excess food to the needy on a daily basis. In 2010, donations of food products to associations like Food Bank and Feeding America Tampa Bay totaled € 42,421. In particular, thanks to the recent collaboration with Feeding America Tampa Bay association, HMSHost supported the activities of the Kids’ Cafe – which distributes meals and snacks free of charge to children of families in difficulty in Pinellas and Hillsborough (Florida) counties – donating surplus salads, sandwiches, fruit and dessert on a daily basis from the 27 restaurants operating in Tampa International Airport for a total value amount of € 30,553. In addition, Tampa International Airport personnel supports the collection and recycling of coffee grounds and other materials and also actively participate in a series of community-oriented initiatives, including the adoption of a local school, beach cleaning and improvement, donations of toys and more.


A sustainable answer

Sustainability results and objectives

Objectives declared for 2010
To continue supporting clinical research projects on behalf of children and communities in the countries in which the Group operates

Projects and results
Cash donations, fundraising drives including customer and employee involvement, donations of goods and services for a total amount of € 2,011,989

Target for 2011
To continue supporting clinical research projects on behalf of children and communities in the countries in which the Group operates