Health and safety

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An ongoing commitment to health and safety is based on education and prevention, but, above all, on the belief that people represent Autogrill Group’s most valuable asset.

When we talk about organizational wellbeing we make specific reference to something concrete. This means, in fact, paying attention to the health of each individual through prevention programs and the sharing of healthy life styles contributing to stress reduction, ensuring employees’ psychophysical wellbeing, and, last but not least, their  health and safety at work. Attention paid to the people working in the Group should translate into concrete health prevention policies including awareness campaigns for the promotion of a healthier lifestyle.

Autogrill Group proposals are differentiated by objectives and targets of reference. The Group has established services dedicated to employees that promote participation in healthy activities or simply foster virtuous behavior.
Among these, we mention the corporate bike sharing service (with indication of the bike paths closest to the offices in Milan), special agreements with fitness centers  and the addition of changing rooms equipped withshowers for those who choose to work out at the office. Employees at the WDF British offices can also make use of changing rooms equipped with showers, fresh fruit in the relaxation areas and special agreements with fitness centers. The US HMSHost offices include an in-house fitness center and employees are given a step counter for free as well as information about walking routes in the neighborhoods adjacent to the offices. Recently, a “Good for me” wellbeing program was launched in Italy, containing a diet program that also includes meetings with experts, on-line columns on the Company’s intranet and personalized programs. This concept will also be reflected by changes in the fare offered at the Company’s restaurants, with well-balanced menus specifically designed to meet different needs, in line with the indications of the Italian nutritional pyramid.

Prevention ranks first in Autogrill Group Health and Safety policies and is reflected in several initiatives differentiated by geographical areas and business sectors. In Italy, for example, the number of clinical visits conducted by a team of more than 20 physicians totaled 4,373 in 2010.
In winter 2010 anti-flu vaccination campaigns were promoted both in Italy and in the US. In Spain, a series of conventions were established with private health clinics offering special rates to all employees of the Food& Beverage sector and their family members. In Italy and in the UK, specific eye examinations and clinical tests have been provided to operators working at terminals and in various countries Autogrill contributes to employees’ expenses for prescription glasses and lenses. At Aldeasa, several yearly, free of charge and voluntary check-ups are performed based on the type of contact employees have and a Health Help Desk has also been developed to provide advice, in full compliance with privacy standards, to people who have decided to invest part of their salary in a private medical insurance policy. In addition, employees of both Food & Beverage and Travel Retail are given the opportunity to underwrite personal supplementary health insurance policies – in some cases also covering their family members – with different criteria according to the different laws applicable in the matter of underwriting of private insurance policies for company employees, including death or permanent disability.

Education, too, plays a critical role within Autogrill Group health and safety policies. In addition to Emergency Room training provided to all employees of the sales network (in compliance with Italian laws) free courses were also organized for on-site employees in cooperation with the Italian Red Cross, with the participation of 19% of those eligible.


Autogrill Group’s commitment to ensuring health and safety for employees and consumers translates into ongoing prevention, technology, training and monitoring.

In all the countries in which the Group operates, health and safety at work are effectively managed through the establishment of dedicated Committees, composed of both employee and management representatives, who periodically meet to monitor compliance with the applicable laws, analyze any issue identified and develop the most suitable actions to mitigate or eliminate risk through specific training or the introduction of new individual protection measures. However, Autogrill’s commitment to safeguarding the health and safety of employees and consumers is also reflected by ongoing activities aimed at identifying, analyzing and reducing risks correlated with the activities performed in providing the services. This commitment also results in the continual improvement of processes and/or plants and in the implementation of new technologies and individual protection measures necessary to satisfy the highest safety standards for employees who provide services to consumers on a daily basis, in the ongoing updating of policies and procedures and, last but not least, in ongoing training and upgrading.

In order to further demonstrate the importance of these activities, all Group companies constantly monitor volumes, types of accidents and mitigation actions taken.
Currently, an even more effective monitoring system is being developed, to be applied in all the major countries where the Group operates, in order to leverage on single competences and initiatives in this respect.

As clearly expressed in the policies adopted by each single country in which the Group is active, attention to employees is reflected also onto suppliers and final consumers. In Italy, two management systems have been implemented, contained in the Policy and, consequently, in the Integrated Management System, ensuring employees conditions promoting health and safety in the workplace, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent modifications, as well as ethical conditions pursuant to standard SA8000:2008.

Also in Italy, the Health & Safety Committee meets twice a year to periodically monitor accident trends, health surveillance and vocational illnesses; evaluate the correlated risks and analyze the relevant causes and severity levels. The same issues are dealt with in the meetings with the Supervisory Body and are periodically submitted to the attention of the Board of Directors in relation to the implementation of the Organizational Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 – Special section dedicated to Safety in the Workplace. Starting from these analyses and monitoring activity, corrective actions are developed to mitigate the risks identified, with measures that may vary from the revision of production processes to the adoption of new accident prevention tools and specific training programs. In addition, a campaign was launched in 2010 – “Work safe to protect yourself” – (with documentation distributed in all spaces and posted in the common areas), regarding proper cutting techniques under safe conditions in order to further reduce accidents during this activity and the provision of all safety-related information and instructions to operators.

This campaign was also accompanied by a training video regarding safety in the workplace, which is shown to all new hires.

Another important example is that of the US: the Policy on Health, Safety and Risk Management provides all employees with all the necessary principles to comply with in order to prevent accidents from occurring during the performance of their tasks. Safety Teams are specifically established at the store level, comprising members of management and the operating staff. Their task is to map, through specifically designed audits, the most frequent causes leading to the occurrence of accidents and subsequently suggest the adoption of equipment, individual protection items and also update the existing procedures. In particular, in 2010 HMSHost launched a campaign, extended to all of its points of sale, dedicated to safety in the workplace, aiming at increasing the number of people responsible for the management of safety issues.

Frequently, Autogrill Group safety policies rely on significant collaborations: Autogrill France collaborates with Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salariés (CNAM–TS) in relation to two projects. The first project deals with the integration of risk prevention principles in the workplace since the early stage of construction of the buildings, in case of new construction, refurbishment or expansion of the already existing buildings. The second project refers to the approach to prevention through listening and includes the participation of each individual employee, being at the core of the professional risk valuation in the workplace and the involvement of the operating hierarchy and support services for the implementation of concrete preventive actions.

In the Retail sector another important case is worth mentioning: World Duty Free received the OHSAS18001:2007 certification, officially representing the first “standard” recognized at the global level in the matter of health and safety in the workplace, rewarding the Company’s commitment to providing its employees with the highest standards in terms of health and safety at work and its ongoing efforts to improve, including listening to constructive suggestions the employees in turn provide concerning health, safety and the environment.


A sustainable answer

Sustainability objectives and results

Objectives declared for 2010
Ongoing commitment to reducing the number of accidents at the Group level

Projects and results
Commitment to preventive analysis activities in relation to potential risks, actions on operating processes in order to reduce critical situations and training innovation through the implementation of training videos provided to operators

Target for 2011
Ongoing commitment to ensuring a healthy and safe working environment, by further decreasing the number of accidents at the Group level through prevention and training actions as well as through the implementation of new technology and tools