The people at the core of a value strategy

Transparency, listening, training and integration with the social context: these are the foundations that Autogrill Group proposes for solid relations with its employees.

Each individual employee of the Autogrill Group is a strategic element capable of creating value. He represents the company in interactions with customers: the company’s business philosophy, know-how and behavior vis-à-vis the environment, and his image becomes that of the entire Group in the world.

Over the years, Autogrill Group has developed a strategic approach towards managing and improving the value of its people, which is highly differentiated according to the business area of reference and the geographical context in which the employee is working. Respect for local situations and the improvement of the differences represent an integrating part of the Autogrill Group identity, so much so that it has become a competitive advantage over time, also for the management of employees.

Several market surveys have shown that a 5% improvement in employee satisfaction translates into a 1.3% increase in customer satisfaction. Hence, the role of the individual in the value creation process becomes critical. Customer satisfaction broadly depends on the relations that employees establish with their company; a transparent, robust and satisfactory relationship positively influences the climate, motivation, sense and spirit of belonging, proactively resulting in behavioral changes in the individual concerned.

In this respect, in 2010, World Duty–Free conducted a survey on the engagement of its employees (Employee Engagement Index) and measured their propensity to speak well about the company (SAY), their desire to continue to work at WDF (STAY) and their commitment to their job (STRIVE), on the one hand and, on the other, the passion that the company transmits to its employees, customer orientation, the respect perceived by the people, the community within the company and the importance of collaboration between colleagues. More than 82% of the employees participated in the survey and provided positive results.

A healthy relationship between company and employee can be developed with a specific focus on the individual and his/ her wellbeing inside and outside the company. This means that Autogrill Group needs to work on different issues and initiatives, involving people both in their role as employees (selection processes, development plans, training, etc.) and as individuals (wellbeing and health, family, social engagement and respect for the environment…). In order to pursue this orientation, it is necessary to have specific tools that will favor better knowledge of the human capital and thus permit the definition of priority actions that translate into concrete projects. This refers to targeted actions where each strategic model of HR management and improvement is verified and adjusted to the cultural contexts, the labor market and the applicable local regulations.

The people at the core of a value strategy