Products & Services: The key players in the Autogrill offering

From a historic bar in Milan to a company that operates in 37 countries the world over. Everything is different now, but Autogrill still shows the same focus on products and services that it once did

It was back in 1928 that the Autogrill story first began, in a coffee house known as the Motta Caffè, in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, in Milan. Much has been done since then. Some things have changed completely, while others have been strenuously preserved and protected.

In 2010, in the context of the restyled Milan Central Railway Station, a new Motta Caffè Bar has been inaugurated, featuring the same décor details that it had 82 years ago, yet, obviously, with the benefit of the experience that Autogrill has accrued over time at the international level with the support offered by the over 350 brands (proprietary and under license), that currently enrich the Group portfolio.


This wide array of brands is the result of steady partnership relations that enable Autogrill Group to be present in 37 countries the world over and develop innovative solutions that satisfy and anticipate customer needs. Autogrill’s unique business model relies on the flexibility with which it may combine catering formulas and retail and duty free concepts, adapting to the different needs of the various countries as well as the aspirations of a continuously evolving and demanding company.

In order to reach these objectives, the Group puts products and services innovation at the core of its strategy. However, this orientation would not lead to any result without thefruitful network of relations that allows Autogrill not only to take advantage of opportunities identified in the relevant markets, but also to share know-how, ideas and prospects in terms of suppliers, brand partners and concession holders. The relation with the partners is a shared growth path, leveraging on a natural synergy that has enabled the Group to re-propose the Motta Caffè Bar with the same values as in the past, though in a totally updated concept.