Response to modern trends

In any new concept, in any store and any product and service, Autogrill listens closely to the different needs of travellers.

In order to promptly respond to emerging trends, Autogrill Group prepares a broad range of services that meet the needs of different categories of consumers, including children, the differently able, truck drivers, motorcyclists and those travelling with pets.

Over the years, Autogrill Italia has tested various solutions designed to meet everybody’s needs. The play areas and the baby rooms as well as the Kids Berry Gang Areas are recreational spaces designed in a differentiated way with small chairs, small billiards, children’s trays, placemats to color, gift crayons, videogame consoles and large-screen TVs showing cartoons. For truck drivers the Trucker Club project was launched, including a completely free-ofcharge, basic-need service package (shower, video surveilled parking, entertainment areas with pay TV). In partnership with Ducati and Dainese the Bikers Club was also launched, to offer innovative and targeted services to motorcyclists, modern parking areas (roofed and with video surveillance service) and relaxation areas with specially designed spaces for stretching exercises.

Autogrill has always been committed to meeting the needs of people with different forms of disability and recently the Group decided to further increase its level of attention.For this reason, Autogrill Italia has prepared a memo for its employees, describing the special needs that consumers may have. This memo is intended to enhance the Group’s attention in promoting a culture of ethical and social responsibility on a daily basis.

Lastly, with regard to pets, in addition to the “Fido Parks” equipped with thermal beds and water, Autogrill has established a partnership with the Italian National Association of Veterinarians to offer emergency services or veterinary advisory services.


The Group developed healthy and well balanced food products to adapt to any diet need.

The Group promptly responds to the dietary needs of  all consumers, as identified by the numerous surveysconducted. In addition to promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, starting from proper nutrition, the Group makes a concerted effort to offer targeted products for those who suffer from food intolerances or follow special diets for ethical or religious reasons.

Autogrill had already developed such social-environmental  sensitivity in the past. In the US, the “Eaturna” concept was intended to convey to consumers the importance of a healthy diet, with low quantities of additives, preservatives, artificial coloring, fats and calories, while in Switzerland, in collaboration with the Swiss BioSuisse association, the “Greens” concept offers bio food designed for those on low fat and salt diets.

Much progress has been made so far and attention to food involves all food products and diets, including the most popular and well known. An example: the production of naturally leavened brioches and IGP branded sandwiches. Every year Autogrill sells, not only in Italy, 40 million brioches and over 40 million sandwiches. These products have always been at the core of the ritual stop at the Autogrill stores, small gourmet pleasures to help travellers continue their journey reenergized.
In collaboration with its partners, the Group decided to focus its attention exactly on these products and follow consumer trends, by offering increasingly naturally produced products and regional varieties. The brioche variety has been extended to include naturally leavened products, easier to digest and metabolize, with a natural taste and aroma and also guaranteeing longer and better product preservation as well as slower mold development. Consumers appreciated all this and brioche sales have increased since 2009.

The Group has undertaken different actions in relation to the food offer. In particular, in the US, special sandwiches and menus have been developed with smaller portions and in combination with salads, to combat obesity. And for the purpose of compliance with the federal regulations issued by the United States Department of Agriculture and the US Food and Drug Administration, HMSHost has decided to specify the nutritional value and calorie content of the food products on its menus.

In all the countries in which the Group operates, great attention is paid to children’s dietary needs. Autogrill has designed special kids’ menus, designed to satisfy their specific nutritional needs. These menus are currently available in all restaurants: Ciao, Spizzico and Burger King. Thanks to the support of nutritionists, HMSHost has developed a Kids’ Menu in the US, further evidence of its commitment and attention to providing a balanced diet for children.

In some European countries in which the Group operates (Austria, Italy and Spain) specific menus have been developed illustrating the different Autogrill concepts,  which take the specific needs of coeliac (gluten-intolerant) individuals into account. The outcome was the development of dedicated cooking areas in the stores, to prevent crosscontamination.
In the US, HMSHost also provided training to disseminate best practices in relation to gluten-free cooking and food preparation.

In addition, the Group did not neglect the needs of those  who, mostly for ethical reasons, do not eat meat and food products of animal origin. Autogrill has developed a special offering including new recipes for vegetarians  and vegans. This is the result of the collaboration withthe Italian Association of Vegetarians and in this way the Group proposes such meals in Ciao restaurants, snack bars identified by the association’s logo.

In addition, close attention is paid to religious differences, especially in terms of dietary laws. Autogrill has developed an ample variety of menus in the different countries in which it operates, in order to satisfy the needs of consumers of different religions, for example Muslims.


The Group’s journey towards a healthy and well balanced diet continues thanks to Experimental Cuisine, a symbol of innovation and quality.

Autogrill Group commitment to food experimentation and research has always been a priority and for this reason the Group has put in place several experimental cuisine formats in the US, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. In these locations, our chefs can develop new recipes with a broad choice of quality products in full compliance with dietary and health principles, such as, for instance, through the limitation of fats and salt.

For the purpose of improving the efficiency of experimental cuisine in the central location of Milan, a project of restyling is scheduled to be launched in 2011, transforming the current kitchen into a multifunctional space. This new space will be a research laboratory, where chefs, both those employed by the Company and  internationally renowned guests, can assess the quality of the raw materials and experiment with new recipes  and products to include in the commercial offering of Autogrill Group stores, as well as serving as a common space in which to meet suppliers and the sales force when presenting the new seasonal menus. Lastly, the Experimental Cuisine space will also provide a space  for testing new technologies to be used in the processes of product preparation and  distribution through the identification of new ways to maintain the organoleptic properties of food products and to use less energy.
After the re-styling, Experimental Cuisine will become the symbol of professional, proactive and dedicated innovation.



Autogrill plays a strategic role as an interface between the territory and the millions of travellers who make a stop in a petrol station on the highway, at an airport, railway station or in a city center. In recent years, stopping at Autogrill has become an opportunity to acquire information, knowledge and a taste of Italy’s vast panoply of food specialties. Currently, Italy ranks first in Europe in relation to product certification, with 211 EU-certified products, while the regional specialties include more than 5,000 products (source: Ismea). The Group actively promotes the distribution of dozens of certified products in Italy and abroad through the stipulation of agreements with consortia and local producers. In fact, in the Markets, Ciao Restaurants and Snack Bars, customers will find a quality product portfolio, steadily updated, including DOC, DOP, IGP and DOCG branded products and regional specialties. The Market area and, in particular, the “Bottegaccia” corner represent a gastronomic window, providing travellers with an opportunity to sample some of the approximately 200/250 local products included in the portfolio.
Approximately 100 products are certified (DOC, DOP, IGP, DOCG). In 2010, Autogrill developed the “Super Regionality” project, which resulted in a 20-30% growth in the number of local products made available in order to increase the market product portfolio.

Number of DOPs and IGPs products by country of origin

Number of DOPs and IGPs products by country of origin