The first steps of the journey

The story of Autogrill has many milestones, involving different models of consumption and business on the Italian national and global scale, new travel concepts, new business and leisure time styles for millions of people the world over.

Making the traveller’s day better

Offering travellers a quality service in the Food & Beverage and Travel Retail sectors with the objective of creating value for all the stakeholders and operating in full compliance with cultural and environmental differences

It was back in 1947, when the first Pavesi refreshment cafés opened on the Italian highways and it is difficult to imagine that this is how such a surprising and still evolving success story started off. In the 1960s Pavesi, Motta and Alemagna refreshment stations progressively increased their presence and in 1977 they all merged into Società Autogrill S.p.A. Since then, innovative ideas, international acquisitions and an important privatization process has led to steady growth for the Group.

In 2005 and, subsequently, in 2007, Travel Retail & Duty– Free added to the traditional core business dedicated to Food & Beverage. Food & Beverage represents the Group’s core business, mainly developed in Europe and North America, while Travel Retail is mainly concentrated in Europe, though it now has a significant presence in the Middle East as well, and in the Americas and Asia. The snapshot of the Group’s current situation shows a dynamic Group presenting itself, both to the concession holder and consumers, as a global service provider to travellers. Both directly and under license agreements, Autogrill manages a portfolio of more than 350 quality brands: a strategically balanced mix of global and local brands that ensure broad satisfaction to the evolving needs and demands of markets and consumers.

The Group’s operating organization also reflects its multinational and multi-sector character. The Leadership Team reports directly to the Parent Company’s CEO. The Leadership Team is composed of the Business Leaders, i.e. the heads of the different geographical areas for the two business sectors (Food & Beverage and Travel Retail), and the Staff Leaders, i.e. the heads of the Group’s orientation and control functions (or Corporate Functions). For the purpose of supporting the two Business Sectors, the Corporate Functions play a co-ordination and orientation role, defining the Group’s standards and policies, favoring the implementation and exchange of best practices and ensuring the co-ordination of the Group’s design initiatives. Autogrill is listed in the Milan Stock Exchange and is indirectly controlled by Edizione S.r.l., the holding company controlled by the Benetton family, with 59.3% of the stakes.