Travel notes

To the readers of Autogrill Group 2010 Sustainability Report

Autogrill Group 2010 Sustainability Report is a journey through the different experiences in the matter of social, environmental and economic sustainability. This is not only a technical document, summarizing facts, but it is where the different initiatives are concretely forged into shape around a common concept: sustainability, intended as cultural path, economic process and business style.

The first step in this process was a question: how could the Group convey the message of its passion, beliefs and ideas – which led to the attainment of results – in addition to the
quantitative value of the activities it performed?
The answer was to represent the most significant initiatives performed in 2010 as a travel experience correlated to the greater journey that the Group is still undertaking.

For the purpose of presenting the overall complexity and beauty of such an experience, the Company decided to pursue a different orientation: it organized content with a differentiation based on the different readers’ groups; it acknowledged project differences by combining them under a common umbrella and it correlated the activities performed with market trends. It also integrated data transparency corroborating it with figures to aid understanding of past events, relying on its culture to build up its future.

Keeping these fundamental editorial principles in mind,  the new orientation is designed to present results in a more effective and complete way, because social sustainability is the key and Autogrill is firmly committed to giving something more year after year.

The Global Reporting Initiative guidelines (GRI-G3, Sustainability Reporting Guidelines) have been adopted to provide all stakeholders with a complete overview of the Group’s sustainability. The GRI is a multi-stakeholder network composed of specialists, who contribute to the definition of sustainability reporting procedures and their dissemination. The GRI-G3 guidelines require that organisations comply with the highest standards in the matter of information transparency and completeness, in order to provide stakeholders with an objective and comparable representation of social, economic and  environmental performance based on a set of specificindicators. The standard includes a self-valuation about the application level of the relevant indicators.

Self-evaluations are rated on a three-step scale (A, B and C in decreasing order), reflecting the degree to which the guidelines are being implemented. The independent survey performed by KPMG, which measured information consistency with the Company documentation in relation to accounting, social and environmental data and information, enabled the Group to add a “+” sign to the level reached. The Autogrill Group has therefore attained a “B+ checked” level according to the Global Reporting Initiative, attached as annex hereto.


The information contained in this Report must
refer to issues and indicators that reflect the Group’s significant economic, environmental and social impacts or that may significantly influence stakeholders’ valuations and decisions.

This Report must include all economic, social and environmental aspects relative to the main geographical areas in which the Group operates in order to enable stakeholders to evaluate performance in the period of reference.

Stakeholders’ involvement
This Report must identify the Group’s stakeholders and explain how it met stakeholders’ expectations and interests.

Sustainability context
This Report must illustrate the Group’s performance with reference to issues regarding sustainability.



The itinerary of our journey

From Autogrill, through Afuture, towards sustainability

This year’s new route for the drafting of the yearly Sustainability Report intends to focus on the following items:

  • A qualitative journal designed to explain the importance of the several stops included in this unique journey.
    We start from Autogrill Group profile, thinking back to the key points in its history and highlighting the progressive expansion of the Group’s core business.
    Then, we proceed with the journal of the path followed with the Afuture project, the testing ground for the design of new solutions under the common denominator of an ongoing focus on sustainability.Lastly, we analyze the key initiatives completed in 2010 with respect to People, involving employees and consumers; Products & Services, dedicated to targeted projects to offer more sustainable products and services; and Planet, encompassing initiatives of environmental accountability.
  • A quantitative report including all the activitiesperformed is attached in a separate section at the end of this document.

A journey that continues on the web

As a step in its journey towards sustainability, Autogrill decided to eliminate paper and present the content of this Report on line. Click on the web site – – and on the “Sustainability” section to view the latest interactive version of the Report. A digital version of this Report may also be downloaded directly from the web site.
The solutions adopted once again confirm the Group’s priority attention to the issues involved in sustainability – i.e.: reducing paper consumption – and the Group’s ability
to keep abreast of the times.



The quantitative data contained in this Report makes reference to subsidiaries as at 31 December 2010, except when otherwise indicated. The economicfinancial information was collected by the Hyperion system (which allows for automated procedures dedicated to
periodic consolidation of accounting data and preparation of the Financial Statements and Annual Report), while all the other social and environmental information was derived from the Sustainability Package (the reporting system with which sustainability data and information is collected in the different countries in which the Group operates, in compliance with the GRI-G3 guidelines).
The Group suggests a further extension of the reporting content, so as to include
some social-environmental indicators of the most relevant consolidated companies.
At the end of 2010 the transfer of Alpha Flight Group Ltd to Dnata, an airport service operator headquartered in Dubai, was completed. Autogrill had penetrated the onboard aircraft catering service segment in 2007, as a result of the acquisition of Alpha Airports Group Plc., the first step accomplished by the Group to enter the important airport channel in the UK (completed in the following year with the acquisition of World Duty Free).
As a result of the completion of the aforementioned transfer, 2010 and 2009 data do not include the Flight transaction for comparison purposes. For the sake of information clarity, it should be noted that the relevant disclosures correlated to Travel Retail also comprise Aldeasa and World Duty Free.
Readers will find in the document specific references to amounts, expressed in euro millions (€m) or euro thousands (€k) (unless otherwise specified) as well as specifications regarding aggregate amounts based on estimates.

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